More Viewers' Feedback

It's been a while since we shared your feedback so we thought we would open up the mailbag this week and see what's on your mind...

Angie Lakey, from Minturn wrote in regarding our severe weather coverage a few weeks ago.

"Last Friday morning during the severe weather, while telling about the tornado that was south of Walnut Ridge, the Storm Team made the comment that there was nothing but farm terrain at Minturn and there wasn't anything to worry about in that area."

Angie goes on to say that there are many families who live in that area and she was disappointed that our wording made it seem like they were not important.

Angie, when the K8 Storm Team provides severe weather coverage they are doing the best they can to convey the information to the viewers so they can protect themselves if necessary. A large percentage of our viewing area is rural, but that does not mean that every person's safety is not important and every area is not important.  Even the National Weather Service warning said "areas affected are mainly rural"... meaning it is not affecting a dense population center. I am confident that is what the StormTeam tried to convey. However, I do apologize for this misunderstanding, because we certainly care about every family... especially if they are in the path of a tornado. Our #1 goal is to provide advance warning so families can protect themselves regardless of where they live.

The digital transition is coming and we are trying to make sure everyone is prepared before the change takes place in a couple of years. Brian Tritch from Paragould is ahead of the curve... he writes...

"I have a built in digital tuner and a rooftop antenna and I can get 26 digital channels. I can get KAIT's three channels, 14 channels from the Memphis stations, 4 AETN channels and some nights I can get channel 40 from Holly Springs, Mississippi and also Channel 4 from Nashville."

You know the great news about the 26 channels that Brian is receiving. He doesn't have to pay a dime to receive them. They are free, over the air.

Karen Bannister from Smithville wrote in regarding Operation Freedom Furlough. "Region 8 really impressed me with the support they gave to the 875th.  I am a former Marine, I lived on a Marine base in a military town and I never saw the community give even half the effort that Region 8 gave these troops.  I was truly impressed.  GOOD JOB REGION 8!"

Region 8 really stepped up, Karen. The generosity shown with Operation Freedom Furlough and last year's Hurricane Katrina relief effort are just two examples of the generous spirit of the people in this area.

You can read additional viewer comments at the Consider This section of our website. While you're there drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you as well.

I hope you have a great week.