Drug Rehab Home for Women

OCTOBER 23, 2006 -- POSTED AT 9:50 P.M. CDT

NEWPORT, AR -- Meth can be a crippling addiction, but one Region 8 church is helping addicts kick the habit with faith-based rehabilitation. The non-profit organization in Newport is open to anyone in Region 8 struggling to over come any type of drug addiction.

Twenty-five year old Amanda Parsley remembers the life on drugs very well.  She started using meth when she was just 19 and for six years, she used it everyday.

"I was bad addicted. I was on a road and with meth you know you're never going to get any better. It's just the same road, you're just going down. Addiction is horrible. It rules your life. That's all you think about," says Parsley.

Amanda was arrested in possession of meth. After spending a month in jail, she says she knew she needed help and that's what it brought her to the Esther House, a faith-based drug recovery house for women. We asked her to compare her life just one month ago, to her life now, drug free.

"It's just constant worry and anxiety. You think you're feeling so good and high, but it's just really so much better to have this peace that you have with God. You don't think about God or stuff like that when you're on drugs, you just think about that next time you're going to get a fix," says Parsley.

The people of New Life Church began what they call "Project New Start." Two men's homes have already been running for over a year now and Pastor Tim Bumpous says their success rate has been tremendous.

"It's the word of God that changes their life. We give it to them morning, night, and through the day and if you keep them away from the drug, then finally they realize," says Bumpous.

Getting people off drugs and keeping them clean is quite a task. Bumpous says being a pastor isn't the only thing that qualifies him to run this drug rehab program.

"The reason I know how to get free from drugs is I was a drug addict for 15 years and Jesus set me free," says Bumpous.

It's a place that takes broken lives and one by one puts them back together, all through the word of God.

"I just really want to live a good life. There's no life on drugs. You're not going to make nothing of yourself. There's not going to be a big accomplishment. I want a family and I want to actually succeed. When I was younger the dreams I had, I'm starting to get those back. I want a good life. I don't want to be on drugs," says Amanda Parsley.

The drug recovery homes are strictly funded through donations within the church and from the community. For more information on this program, either to help someone addicted to drugs or to make a donation, email "Project New Start" at projnewstart@yahoo.com or call at 870-217-1372.