Small Pocket of Greene County Could Become Site of Liquor Sales Between Dry Lawrence and Craighead Counties

OCTOBER 24, 2006 - Posted at 4:24 p.m. CDT

SEDGWICK, AR - A wet/dry issue on the general election ballot in Greene County could have an interesting affect on residents in Lawrence and Craighead counties, which are both dry.

A petition has been filed in the Greene County Clerk's office to place a wet/dry issue on the ballot for the Shady Grove precinct.  And even though Greene County is considered wet, there are some precincts in the county that have remained dry through the years.  One of those is Shady Grove, which is a small pocket of Greene County that lies between the Lawrence and Craighead county lines, about two miles southeast of Sedgwick, and about five miles northwest of Bono.

Shady Grove covers about a one-mile stretch of U.S. 63.  In November, Shady Grove's 96 registered voters will have the opportunity to decide if the area will remain dry, or become wet.

K8 News learned today that a Jonesboro attorney is representing a Lawrence County businessman who plans to build a convenience store in the area that would sell beer and wine, if the precinct is voted wet.