Halloween Costumes...From Traditional to Trendy

October 25, 2006 - Posted at 6:19 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Traditional Halloween costumes never get old...year after year, you can always count on seeing plenty of witches, pirates, cowboys and fairies at any Halloween party. But there is a reason why costume favorites continue to appear...both kids and adults simply love them.

For children, they are ideal characters they can relate to and feel comfortable with and for adults, it is a "safe" and easy costume to recreate, without a lot of thought or time.

"I love dressing up for Halloween, it's whenever I can not be who I am on a daily basis, you can just go all out and not be you at all," said Karah Jokerst who plans on dressing up as a Dracula girl.

If you're looking for a Halloween "make-over," you don't have to go far.  The Golden Grotto in Jonesboro is stuffed to the brim with costumes, masks and everything to give your costume flavor & flair!

"I'm going to attempt to be a referee, we're about to try it on and see if it works," said Tiffany Robertson.

"I'm going to be the fat security guard because it's hilarious!" laughed Jeremy Dunlap.

Yahoo.com reports that star wars is actually the most commonly searched Halloween costume on the internet, but here at the golden grotto, the pirate is actually the best seller, but the arrggg comes extra.

So many costumes, so little time...almost makes you wish Halloween came around more than once a year!  It's a decision that can scramble you like an egg if you're not careful...

Caitlin Maki & Sara Griffin came shopping from Memphis, Tennessee.  They plan on dressing up as an angel and a devil.

"I'm going to be a ballerina," said three-year-old Molly Tyler, "My dress is pink."

"I'm going as a Queen of the Sea," said Harley Goble, who was shopping with her mother for a costume for her brother, "and I think my brother is going to be a grave groom.  If he doesn't go trick or treating with me and my mom and dad, then he will stay at home and hand out the candy."

"I'm going to be a taxi girl," said Amelia Porter, "It has a yellow dress with black and white checkers on it." "I'm going to be Elvis, with the little cape, and ride up on a Harley," laughed ASU student Brett Hickme, "I had the costume at home and I can work the leg pretty good!"

The top pet costume searches on yahoo.com are:

1.  Yoda dog costume

2.  Hot dog costume and

3.  Spider dog costume

4.  The Snoopy dog costume