Fraternity Prank Leaves Neighborhood Angry

October 26, 2006 -- Posted at 6:16 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- This time of year the ghosts and the ghouls are on full display, but some are pulling a vanishing act.

There are many reports in Region 8 of Halloween decorations disappearing.

Brittany Luppy and her husband Michael woke up Monday morning to an empty yard.

"Between Sunday night and Monday morning everything was gone including strands of lights from the neighbor's house and my pumpkins," said Luppy.

Luppy said she and her neighbors got together Monday night to discuss the thefts.

"A couple years back they had a problem with everything getting stolen and they found out it was a fraternity because someone had dropped their cell phone," said Luppy.

Luppy came to all of the fraternity houses at Arkansas State University looking for her stolen decorations, and says she found them at the Pi Kappa Alpha house.

"I went to the door, knocked on the door, and pledges let me in.  There are thousands of dollars of stolen decorations," said Luppy.

In addition to finding her home made decorations, Luppy also found her neighbors' as well.  She left only to return with the Jonesboro Police Department in tow.

"The police officer was let in and he looked around.  They let us have our stuff back, but there's still hundred of dollars of decorations in that house," said Luppy.

K8 News tried to talk to someone at the Pi Kappa Alpha Thursday afternoon, but they refused to talk on camera.

ASU Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Rick Stripling made a statement about the incident:

"The phone call from K8 News is the first notice of the occurrence for the university because the person doesn't live on campus.  I am confident that if there is a fraternity involved, then the fraternity will make the appropriate apologies."

Meanwhile Luppy said this has damped her Halloween spirit.

"I'm eight months pregnant.  I could be their sister who spent all day working on the stuff and if it was their family how would that make them feel?" said Luppy.

Luppy hand made the tombstones that she had in her yard, and they were painted over with Greek lettering.

She will press charged against the fraternity because of the theft.