Halloween Safety

OCTOBER 29, 2006 -- POSTED AT 7:30 P.M.

JONESBORO, AR -- Halloween is full of scary fun times, dressing up and trick or treating, but all that fun can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don't play it safe. Local law enforcement says there are ways to avoid a real-life frightful Halloween. Sgt. Steve Richardson with the Jonesboro Police Department offered a few tips.

"Children should always cross the street at corners or crosswalks. Walk on sidewalks if one is available. If no sidewalk is available, they should walk facing traffic," says Sgt. Richardson.

And trick or treaters should also make sure drivers can spot them in the dark.

"Children should carry flash lights. If possible, wear clothing that's reflective or put reflective tape on the clothing," says Sgt. Richardson.

What about all the candy? How can parents know it's safe for their children to eat?

"They should instruct their children not to open the candy until they get home. The parents should then of course inspect all the candy for any loose wrappers, open wrappers, or anything that may have been tampered with," says Sgt. Richardson.

Sgt. Richardson also says parents should take part in the trick or treating, staying with their children at all times.

"They should accompany them to the door. Children should also keep in mind to never enter a stranger's house, just stand in the doorway until they get their treat," says Sgt. Richardson.

With Halloween now only days away, parents should take the time to go over safety tips, assuring everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween.