Ghost Hunters Investigate the Senath Lights

October 31, 2006 Posted at 5:15 am CDT

Senath, MO - Many of you have heard at least one person talk about the Senath Lights. Or maybe you've seen it yourself. We wanted to know the truth behind the spooky lights so we called in some paranormal investigators, The Midsouth Ghost Hunters.

First we wanted to talk to a local to get the legend behind the lights. Alesa Lea grew up in Senath and at 6 years old, she lived on County Rd. 602, the same road you see the lights on.

"When my sister and I were little, we would lay at the foot of our bed just to see if we could see the lights".

According to the legend, an old house stood where now there is only cotton. A woman and her family lived there, and one night one of her loved ones went missing. The story differs here because some say it was her husband and some say it was her daughter missing. Either way she has a lantern out looking for her, and that is supposed to be the light.

There is a catch, however. You must travel down County Rd. 602 to the area where Hangman's Tree used to be, turn your car around, facing the direction from which you came.

"I saw it when I was a teenager. There were four of us and we were sitting there and we saw it, and it was like a light, misty fog that just kind of floated around and then it started getting closer. We had always heard that if it came over your car you wouldn't be able to start it, but we didn't stay around that long, we got out of there fast!"

Alesa says many people have seen the lights and some more than once.

"One of my friends said he was out there and saw it, and got out quick, but swore if he ever saw it again he would stay till it came over his car. And he did, he saw it again, waited till it came over his car, and of course the windows were all up. And all of a sudden, the driver's side window just fell, with no explanation. Well he didn't stay around after that, but he did have his dad look at the window and he got it fixed and said nothing ever went wrong with it again."

Some say it's light reflections from the highway and some say its merely swamp gas, but for years the legend has made its way through the generations as a ghostly phenomenon.

So what are the Senath Lights? We brought out the Midsouth Ghost Hunters to see if they could hear or see anything to put this mystery to an end.

While we were there, the two men felt "tickles" which are there warning signs that let them know someone, or a spirit is there.

"We both get these sensations. It's like someone is tickling the back of my neck and the top of my head. It's really more of like a static electricity feeling more than anything."

The gentlemen explained that ghosts or spirits use energy fields to complete tasks, whatever those tasks may be.

"There have been a lot of instances we will be out looking for evidence, and a cameraman will have a full battery and then a few moments later it will be down to 15 minutes left. Ghosts use energy to move or do whatever it is they need to do."

One of the men said they heard a little girl while we were on Crybaby's bridge. About the same time that the other ghost hunter felt his 'tickle'.

I never saw or heard what they did, but then again I'm not a ghost hunter. Was there really someone out there, or was it just our minds playing tricks on us.

The Senath Lights Mystery remains...

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