Trick or Treat

October 31, 2006-- Posted at 11:00 pm

JONESBORO-- All the ghosts and goblins were out tonight cashing in on a little Halloween fun.

And K-8 news caught up with a family that is passing out more than just candy... For them, Halloween is all about tradition.

Melanie Wilcoxson is no stranger to Halloween fun. She remembers her mom encouraging her as a child to get in on the spirit.

"She always had the special bags made up for them and stuff. We've always had a big party at our house at halloween so we've kind of continued that tradition," Wilcoxson says.

Melanie is now a mother of two, and the tradition has moved to her house.

"We have four generations here tonight. Memaw is here from Kennet Missouri. All of my in-laws are from Kennett so they all came down and we're going to have chili and make all kinds of cookies and treats," Wilcoxson says.

Melanie's girls Olivia and Alyse are just now learning what halloween is all about.

"They're two year old identical twin girls. Until yesterday we were going to be Marines, because we have a cousin that just graduated from the Marines in San Diego, but yesterday they told their grandma that they like to be princesses so last night there was a mad dash to Target for princess outfits," Wilcoxson says.

As princesses, they greeted all the ghosts and goblins kindly.

And their mom Melanie offered them a little help.

With each sweet treat, the Wilsoxson's are sharing a family tradition.

"It's a holiday that's all about us so it's a fun holiday we enjoy it," Wilcoxson says.

There were an estimated 36.1 million potential "trick-or-treaters" in 2005 ages 5- to

13-year-old, across the country.