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Pleasant Plains, AR -- Brandi Hodges Reports

Parents at Midland School District Stand up for Students

November 1, 2006 -- Posted at 5:39 p.m. CDT

PLEASANT PLAINS, AR -- In January of 2006 the Midland School District was placed under state control.  The superintendent and school board were dismissed and a temporary superintendent was put in place.

The reason for the takeover was financial distress.  Now, almost a year later, the school is still struggling financially and parents are picking up the slack

"We didn't lose our school, we're still hanging in there and we're just doing everything we can to not loose momentum," said parent Tanya Gay.

Parents are happy with what state designated superintendent Lynn Roe King is doing in their school.

Since January of 2006 the parents and community have raised over $400,000 for their school.

"We're trying to do stuff for the kids to keep their moral up.  The things that might have been lost with all the financial crunches like pizza parties and field trips," said parent Bonnie Lewis.

With the upcoming gubernatorial election, parents at Midland want to know what both candidates will do to help save small schools.

"I want to hear what they both have to say.  I would like to see them here.  I would like to ask them questions," said Gay.

Because of the financial situation and the fear of consolidation, some parents have pulled their kids out of the Midland School District, but other parents are working hard to keep their school open

"We lost some kids when school started.  We lost between 50 and 60 students, but some have come back," said Gay.

The school and parents encourage anyone who did leave to come back and see what they're doing now at Midland.

Clark Farms will sponsor a team roping event on Saturday November 4th in Pleasant Plains at 10 a.m.

For more information call 501-345-1234.

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