Offbeat: Morris Refuge

September 22, 2008--Posted at 8:00 a.m. CST

RIPLEY CO., MO--- Back in the hill woods of Ripley county you'll find the Morris Family Wildlife Refuge.  It's a place George Morris created in order to give back to both the young and old.

After years in the high stress corporate world, Morris moved back to his boyhood home in 2004 to live, what he describes as the good life.  While helping care for his ailing mother, Morris says he discoverd an often forgotten resource, the elderly.

Morris says, too often our senior citizens are sent to nursing facilities and abandoned.  Morris says that's not right and set out to give something back.  He fixed up the old homestead and built the Lone Wolf Reservoir, stocking it full of all kinds of fish.  Now, area nursing homes come out regularly for all day outings of fishing, food and fun.

Morris also invites kids from the Sears Youth facility in Poplar Bluff to come and fish and they come help with the seniors as well.  Morris says he never charges anyone and just wants to share the great outdoors with others.

Morris says he just wants to give back and hopes others will follow his example.