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Election 2006: Preview of Arkansas Attorney General Race

November 3, 2006 - Posted at 4:45 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- With the 2006 general election just days away, K8 News continues coverage of political candidates and their run for office.  We focus Friday on the race for Arkansas Attorney General with three candidates are battling for the position as the state's top lawyer...each with a different background and a different plan for the Attorney General's office.

Jonesboro native and Democrat nominee Dustin McDaniel says he would support creating a health care bureau to help the state's uninsured.  The former police officer and attorney said he also would fight the meth problem and work to end costly litigation involving the state.

"We're really excited.  We're looking forward to a great day on Election Day.  It's going to be a big day for the people of northeast Arkansas.  We've worked hard for this election," said McDaniel, who is serving his first term in the state house.

"I care about what the office does.  It's not just an office to pick to run for.  It's something I truly believe in and I think leadership and integrity can make a real difference to the people of Arkansas," said McDaniel.

Fort Smith attorney Gunner Delay is the Republican nominee.  The pro-life candidate supports penalties on those who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and tougher sentences on methamphetamine manufacturers. 

"I have a very strong record on gun owner's rights.  I was a co-sponsor of the Concealed Weapon Bill in 1995 and sponsored several other pieces of legislation that had to do with protecting that right," said Delay.

Delay has served one term in the state senate and two in the state house. Keeping utility rates low would be a priority.

"I think people need to know I'm strongly pro-life, I believe in the sanctity of human life.   I'm going to fight to protect unborn children and also have a very strong record of protecting gun owner's rights," said Delay.

Green party candidate Rebekah Kennedy rounds out the ballot.  The attorney from Fort Smith support same-sex marriages and wants to abolish the death penalty.  She hopes to use litigation to protect the state's environment from poultry companies.

"Arkansas has a beautiful natural environment that's an asset to tour state economically as well as quality of life.  We owe it to ourselves to protect that now and for the future," said Kennedy, who is running for her first public office.

Election Day is next Tuesday, but voters can cast their ballots now during early voting.  K8 news will have complete coverage of all local and state races as the results come in on November 7th. This is the state's first contested Attorney General race in eight years. 

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