Leanne Looney

My name Leanne Looney.  I'm a hair stylist at Body Reflections.  I have recently started here but have many years of experience.  I have recently moved back at Jonesboro and I am ready to work.  I love being a Cosmotologist, this is my passion, so I would like to invite you to this wonderful hair salon.  I had a lady ask me "Why do I get split ends?"  Well here are Leanne's tips to help prevent that problem.

Leanne Tips

The goal is to have the right amount of protein and moisture in the hair and to have the cuticle laying down and closed.  This makes the hair strong and prevents breakage and split ends.  Here is how to prevent those nasty split ends.

1) Don't use a shampoo that cleanses your hair so deeply that it strips it of all of its moisture.

2) Don't use a shampoo that suds up a lot.  The ingredient that makes it lather dries your hair out.

3) Don't use a shampoo that promises to make your hair shiny, thicker, ect.  These contains polymers, a substance that is small enough to go into the hair shaft.  These polymers are made of silicone(plastic).  It works great at first, but it collects on the hair and doesn't leave room for moisture, making your hair hard to style, color or perm.

4) Heat is a common problem. Heat opens the cuticle and cold closes the cuticle.  If you rinse your hair in hot steamy water you have rinsed the moisture out and that leaves the cuticle wide open.  Rinse your hair in cool to warm water.

5) Another heat source is a curling iron and a hot blow dryer.  There are other ways of drying and styling your hair.

6) The hot sun and wind is also hard on your hair.  You might want to wear a hat.