Cookin' It Up at Jazz in Jonesboro

November 10, 2006 - Posted at 7:54 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Folks came out Friday night to Jazz in Jonesboro to sample some of the tasty BBQ and enjoyed some live music in Region 8.

This is the first year for the event and it all leads up to the ASU vs. Middle Tennessee State game Saturday afternoon. BBQ is serious business in Region 8 and Saturday afternoon, judges will determine which team will go on to compete in the world-famous Memphis in May competition. But for most teams, getting there is no easy feat.

With 10 of the top 20 BBQ teams in America competing at Jazz in Jonesboro, you can bet there's some pretty good eatin' to be done.  But there's a lot more to it than just putting on an apron.

"It's almost like putting on a parade.  There's coordination from who is going to have the spices to who is going to sort it all out when we get back home," said set decorator Ronnie Clouse for Party-Q BBQ.

Party-Q BBQ from Batesville has been competing for about two years.  The 15 member team started two weeks ago working on this event.  They hope their next stop is Memphis in May.

"It is the deal, it is the biggest party in the world....that's it.  This is the second biggest party in the world, so ya'll better come on out that's all I can say," laughed Bill Couch, Party-Q BBQ team member.

"What's the secret to winning?  Having the best BBQ around and having the most fun," chimed Party-Q BBQ teammate Jon Hindy.

And their advice to competitors...

"Pack up and go home!" laughed Couch, "Ok, maybe not!  We're all good friends, we love these people next door, and we love those guys down the way.  Its fun, it's all about helping or sharing and being good.  And do what ever you can to help each other, it's just fun we have a good time. If we didn't have a good time, we wouldn't go."

Folks can vote on their favorite BBQ in the People's Choice Award.  It costs the public $1 to judge and this will be going on under the Ginsu Tent.