Veterans' Day Honored in Region 8

November 11, 2006 -- Posted at 2:39 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- In honor of Veterans' Day, Region 8 came out to honor soldiers past and present.

In light of our own currently serving over seas, many see this as a day to show their support to the soldiers and to their families.

"I've been doing this parade for about 17 years.  We do this parade in honor of our troops our veterans and our fallen hero's," said veteran Walter Busby.

This parade was the largest Veterans' Day parade so far in Jonesboro.

"It gives me great pride when I see some of the older veterans' at the courthouse and just see the looks on their faces after the parade comes by," said Busby.

In addition to high school bands and Boy Scout troops, many of the days participants are veterans'.

"They are the meaning of freedom.  They sacrificed greatness and without that we wouldn't have the freedom to do what we do today," said veteran Don House.

"It is one way that we can pay them back, but it's not nearly enough," said Busby.

Many veterans' say they support our soldiers that are currently serving overseas.

"The price of freedom's high and they're doing what they've got to do to serve this nation," said Busby.

"We are very aware that our nation is at war in Iraq and we are here to show our support for those men and women in Iraq," said veteran Don Vineyard.

The Veterans' Day celebration included a ceremony in front of the Craighead County Courthouse, and a dinner and dance at the ASU Armory.