Marmaduke says 'Thank You'!

November 12, 2006--Posted at 9:36 pm CST

Marmaduke- When you go through something like the city of Marmaduke did last April, you find out quickly who you can trust.

Today, the people of the town that was nearly totaled by that tornado expressed their gratitude one more time.

This time, to the other cities who lent a hand. The town that was devastated by the April 2 tornado is seven months into the healing process.

A process that was made easier by the countless volunteers from in and out of Greene County that came to the small town's aid before anyone ever saw the damage in the daylight.

That's what today's thank you ceremony was for, to say one last formal thank you to the cities across region 8 that lent time, equipment, money and manpower to the recovery.