Liquor Store Controversy

NOVEMBER 16, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CST

GREENE COUNTY, AR -- Lake Street Liquors is currenlty located in Downtown Paragould, but they're wanting to relocate and it's right at the Greene County Line. The store just recently requested a liquor license transfer from the Alcohol Beverage Control Board in Little Rock. The store wants to move from it's current location to the Greene County Line on Highway 49 South. The initial request was denied based upon objection letters that were sent into the ABC board before the hearing.

Meanwhile, the board says it denied the request based on at least three letters sent from Greene County Sheriff Dan Langston, State Representative Robert Thompson, and Greene County School Superintendent Sheila Ford. The objections stated that there is already one liquor store near the county line and adding another would just increase traffic in the area, possibly increasing the number of drunk drivers.

Also, the county road that runs right along the proposed location is a school bus stop for Greene County Tech, as well as the Brookland School District. Although the request has been denied, Dr. Larry Johnson of Jonesboro, who owns the store, will be appealing the decision in front of the board at their December 20th meeting.

We were able to speak with Johnson's attorney, Chad Oldham on the phone Thursday. He released this statement regarding the liquor license relocation request.

"We believe the request is in accordance with all regulations and feel we have the lawful right to relocate the business. Therefore we are appealing the denial to the ABC board."

During the appeal hearing in December, the ABC board will hear from both sides regarding the relocation of the license.  We will follow this story and have more information as it develops.