Dr. McDreamy Winner Revealed

November 17, 2006--Posted at 10:30 am

PARAGOULD-- If you watch Grey's Anatomy, you know Dr. McDreamy. He's a work of fiction, but there are a few doctors in Region 8 who are the real thing.

We took nominations from local hospitals, picked the top five finalists and now it's time to reveal who you chose as Region 8's Dr. McDreamy.

Meet Frank Schefano... Region eight's Dr. McDreamy.

"It's all been crazy but fun. I'm glad I won," Dr. Frank Schefano says.

Dr. Schefano spends his off time spreading his infectious humor throughout Arkansas Methodist Medical Center where nurses and staff rallied around him... Making posters in his likeness, crowning him Dr. McDreamy before he'd officially won.

"This community... When they get behind something and decide they're going to do something, they see it through. It shows the power of what a small community can do. And then I think a smaller factor in it may've had something to do with my hair," Dr. Schefano says.

He says he's the doctor at the hospital with the most hair which gives him a little edge... But it's his love for medicine and for people that describes who he really is.

"I try to be a hard worker and treat people, my patients like they're family... Make it a little more personal. I think when you do that, it makes you care about people and give better care," Schefano says.

As far as what he enjoys, takes pride in or spends most of his day thinking about, it's simple.

"The main thing is just anything with my wife and my kids. I want to take a second to say hey to my beautiful wife Mary Dale and my daughters, Anna who's 10 and Abby who's 3. Then there's Ava who's going to be here in January," Schefano says.

As Dr. Shefano's family continues to grow so will his head... Ever so slightly, as he earns the title of Dr. McDreamy, but it won't take long to bring this doctor right back down to earth.

"This wasn't about me or any of the other doctors. It was about the hospitals and the communities that those hospitals serve, and I'm glad to be here in Paragould. I'm proud of this community and hospital, and I think a lot of this just says a lot about what a great place Paragould is," Schefano says.

Arkansas Methodist Medical Center will celebrate Dr. Schefano's win with a formal celebration on Tuesday from 2 to 3 pm in the AMMC auditorium.