Dr. McDreamy Revealed

Meet Dr. Frank Schefano, Region 8's Dr. McDreamy...

Dr. Schefano spends much of his time spreading his humor thoughout Arkansas Methodist Hospital, where nurses and staff rallied around him in support of the 'race' to be Dr. McDreamy,  They made 'campaign' posters and emails, driving voters online at kait8.com to vote, and actually had Dr. Schefano crowned before he'd officially won.

"This community... when they get behind something and decide they're goind to do something, they see it through.  It shows the power of what a small community can do, and I think in a smaller factor it it may have had something to do with my hair," explained Dr. Schefano.

He thought that perhaps because he had the most hair of any doctor at the hospital may have given him an edge, but it's his love for medicine and for people.

and that is that