Boot Camp for New Dads

November 17, 2006--Posted at 11:00 am

JONESBORO-- Parenthood is a challenge, but one Boot Camp is putting new Dads to the test with a fatherhood preparedness program.

Dads gathered at NEA Medical Center to learn the ropes.

Jason Lynch, the father of a 3-year-old and 8-month-old understands the challenges that come with fatherhood... That's why he's helping other Dads-to-be learn the ropes.

"We're training some rookie expecting Dads... Just showing them the ropes and giving them some hands on experience," Father of two Jason Lynch says.

They teach simple things like how to hold your child or how to protect it from certain dangers.

It's a room full of all types of Dads sharing what they know.

"We have Veteran Dads and Rookie Dads. The veterans are working with the rookie Dads," Lynch says.

A support group for Dads is helpful for men who might not have thought about parenthood before they were faced with the challenge.

This gives each Dad, new or old, the opportunity to do his best... With advice from one father to another.

It's that kind of communication that makes parenthood seem a little less stressful.

"If there's no communication, you can only assume. Assumptions are bad, so you've got to always be open and teamwork is really important with the mother. With that open communication and with the teamwork, you can accomplish pretty much anything," Lynch says.