Holiday Shopping in Full Swing as Santa Comes to Town

November 17, 2006 -- Posted at 8:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- With Thanksgiving less than a week away, holiday shoppers are already out in force looking to get the best deal on their Christmas gifts.

This is the first Christmas for The Mall at Turtle Creek.  They are going all out with everything from decorations to big holiday sales, and of course, Santa.

The mall has been very busy with people already working on their holiday shopping.

"I plan on having it done.  Usually I'm done by now, but I still have plenty of time," said Claudia Carter.

With "black Friday" only a week away, many shoppers are already taking advantage of good deals at the mall.

"We have been very busy.  We've been busy since the first of October.  I love it.  I've got a lot of customers coming in that have never been in before so I just think its really wonderful," said Circuit City manager Anna Prado.

Circuit City was one of the stores to get the highly anticipated "PS3".

"Sony has slowly dribbled its way into the United States.  We had six systems in our store and we had a line outside Wednesday night," said Prado.

"Shoppers are just now starting to get to the mall.  It's getting so busy and the mall is decorated really pretty right now," said Carter.

Getting the mall ready for the shoppers and Santa hasn't been an easy feat.

"We've probably spent nearly 1,500 man hours putting this set together.  Well over 10,000 lights are it," said mall manager Jason Whitley.

Whitley said the total cost of the Christmas decor including man hours is about $300,000.

It seems everything is falling into place just in time for the arrival of old Saint Nick and the real start of the shopping season.