Gibson CEO Visits Trumann Baldwin Plant

November 17, 2006--Posted at 10:30 pm

TRUMANN-- The Gibson Guitar Corporation CEO visits the Gibson owned Baldwin piano plant in Trumann.

He gives us a look into the future for the already global company who is taking the classic design of the piano to a whole new level.

Baldwin piano stuck to US manufacturing and sales, but with the leadership of a global company like Gibson guitar... Baldwin has reached a whole new level.

"They really missed out on selling in huge piano markets in Japan and Europe... In Korea. They missed out on a lot of potential business where we are a global company, and we want to be number one everywhere," Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz.

Gibson is aggressively expanding it's business into china where they are rated among the top 10 piano makers, in the world's largest piano market.

They have one plant in China now and they plan on adding another there, then move into the European markets.

With their unique reputation they also brought style introducing color to enhance a classic design.

"The pianos degenerated into basic black, occasionally white so we introduced colors that have become quite popular and have been copied by our competition," Juszkiewicz says.

Gibson's next step is to focus on furniture design principles.

They solicited the help of the top designers in the furniture field and created designs they will introduce this coming year.

One of those is the reintroduction to the butterfly lid... A classic design from the 1920's.

"Rather than that very simple, classic piano shape, we actually make it into a work of art with various styling features," Juszkiewicz says.

Gibson who Juszkiewicz says is building the best, expects a lot more innovation for the future... Taking pianos to a whole new level.

"You'll be seeing a lot of moving and shaking in the styling aspects of the piano," Juszkiewicz says.