Newport Alderman Trial to Resume Monday

November 19, 2006 -- Posted at 1:45 pm CST

Little Rock - The 2 week old trial of Pinkey McFarlin is winding down after testimony from the Newport alderman that he isn't a drug dealer even though he sold crack cocaine and prescription medicine to a police informant.

McFarlin is on trial in federal court in Little Rock on 25 counts of drug trafficking and a charge of witness tampering.

He told the jury that he didn't commit the crimes. He said he is being targeted because he is a civil-rights activist who challenges the established power structure.

McFarlin testified that repeated back injuries left him addicted to prescription pain medication.

He claims authorities took advantage of his addiction to get him into a position where he had to sell crack cocaine and his own prescribed Xanax (ZAH-nex) to get the drug he needed.

His trial is to continue Monday, with the defense calling its final witness.

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