Bono Lake Project

The Bono Lake project was declared dead in the water back in August, but thanks to a reprieve from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to sell the land where the lake is to be built there is an effort underway to secure necessary funding to bring this project back to life.

Consider This...

The Bono Lake project got bogged down when the primary funding source for construction from the Corps of Engineers dried up. According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, without the Corps funding the lake cannot be developed. After trying unsuccessfully to sell the land where the lake is to be built the Game & Fish Commission has taken the property off the market to allow local community leaders an opportunity to secure necessary funding to make it happen.

Arkansas is blessed to have some wonderful lakes that provide great outdoor activities and bring significant tourism dollars to the state. Unfortunately this area of the state is deprived of the quality lake facilities that are plentiful throughout the rest of the Natural State.

The Bono Lake Project needs to happen. The citizens of Craighead County approved a 1/8 cent sales tax to be given to the Game and Fish Commission to help with this type of project and it will not only provide recreation activities, but also help with flooding issues in the area. Although it would have been even better if the  project were large enough to support water skiing and other recreational activities, the current plan is  certainly better than the alternative of no lake at all.

We support the Bono Lake project and encourage the groups working to make this happen to keep pushing to secure the necessary funding. It is out there... we just have to find it.