"Huck the Duck" May be on His Way Back to Natural State

NOVEMBER 21, 2006 - Posted at 4:01 p.m. CST

TEXARKANA, AR - After spending his summer in Canada, the duck named for Governor Huckabee may be making his way back to Arkansas.

"Huck the Duck" is a mallard released by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission from the Bois D'Arc Lake near Hope in February.  The duck is carrying a tiny electronic backpack for science.  He was in southwestern Missouri today, near the border with Kansas.

Huck's flight path shows a journey from Arkansas through Missouri, Iowa, and the Dakotas into Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada.  Last week, Huck was near the middle of South Dakota, and by Monday, had flown to central Missouri.

The program will document migrating mallards along with the central flyway of the Mississippi River.  It will also define habitat characteristics of spring staging areas, nesting areas and post-nesting areas of adult mallards migrating from Arkansas.

The commission asks that anyone who shoots a duck with a transmitter contact game officials.

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