Kids Get High, Put It On The Internet

Tuesday November 21, 2006: Posted at 10:00 PM cst

Jonesboro--It looks innocent enough. Teenagers laughing with their friends and being silly. But they aren't high on life, they're high from huffing, and they are putting it on 'youtube' for everyone to see.

"Any time you use these products there could be a fatal episode."

Harvey Weiss is the Executive Director of the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition. He says allowing these videos of kids huffing on such a popular sight is wrong. His organization has contacted youtube, trying to get them to remove the videos.

"It's an instruction manual how to kill yourself." he says.

Harvey estimates huffing products like these have killed five or six kids nationwide in the last year.

This newest huffing hazzard has already made it's way into jonesboro D.A.R.E. officer Greg Lawson's curriculum. When asked if kids are doing it here in Jonesboro, he said,

"Yes, it's big time here."

"I think a lot of kids think that the products are legal so they aren't gong to hurt them."

Both Harvey Weiss and officer Lawson agree that education on this hazzard shouldn't be limited to the children.

"The challenge is trying to convince parents their kids may do it. A lot of parents may know about inhalants, they just don't want to talk to their children about it."