Travel Tips for the Holiday

November 22, 2006--Posted at 10:30 pm

JONESBORO-- The Thanksgiving holiday is tomorrow, but motorists are flooding the roads today.

And more people on the road only means longer waits on the way to Grandma's house.

We caught up with a few holiday travelers and the Arkansas State Police to check out travel conditions.

We even have a few tips that could help make sure you have a happy holiday trip.

The Baggett family from Batesville made a quick trip to Jonesboro before their Thanksgiving holiday.

"Well, I expect it to be really crowded on the highway going home. We experienced a lot of that on the way over here. And a lot of accidents too," holiday traveler Betty Baggett says.

This is a concern shared by Arkansas State Police.

They say this is a time of the year for unusually large volumes of traffic.

"His is one of the busiest holidays especially with Thanksgiving... Everybody coming in for their families. Of course, then the big shopping day after Thanksgiving, Friday. The volume is extremely heavy then. There's just a lot of people out on the roads," Sgt. Benny Cox of the Arkansas State Police says.

Sgt Cox says the first step before traveling is to check your car over making sure all fluids are at proper levels and tires are properly inflated to keep you from being stranded on the road, and...

"Leave in plenty of time. Give yourself plenty of time because of the traffic. Obey all the laws... The speed limits especially. We're really going to be out in force this holiday season," Sgt Cox says.

it's also important to pay attention to law enforcement officials on the road.

"It is a law that you change lanes on a four lane highway for a police officer stopped on the shoulder," Sgt Cox says.

As police patrol the roads, these few tips can help you and your family have a safe and hassle free holiday.

"We try to really get out in force. More traffic, more opportunities for people to have an accident, and we're just trying to keep everybody safe and make sure you get to where you're going," Sgt. Cox says.