Better Roads, Better Future

November 26, 2006; Posted at 10:00 PM CST

Jonesboro--Who gets what? When it comes to distribution of highway dollars everyone has their hands up with ideas and pockets open for those funds.

That one of the reasons "Better Roads Better Future" was put together. The non-profit organization plans to serve the public by educating citizens on the issues facing transportation in the natural state.

At Monday's meeting at the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, the future of one stretch of road in particular got a lot of attention, Highway 226 in Craighead County.

Some time ago it was supposed to be turned into a four-lane U-S highway. It's a project that was part of the highway plan in 1991 and 15 years later Jonesboro and Region 8 haven't seen an ounce of progress.

If and when those funds come to start and finish the project, Johnnie Bolin, Executive Director of the Arkansas Good Roads Transportation Council says it will turn Jonesboro into a boom town.

For a link to the "Better Roads, Better Future" website:

The website will be up and running on Tuesday.