Arkansas Defends Its Actions in Addressing School Funding Problems

NOVEMBER 28, 2006 - Posted at 7:53 a.m. CST

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Arkansas' attorney general is asking the state Supreme Court to dismiss an attempt to extend the long-running Lake View School funding case.

In a brief filed with the Court, Deputy Attorney General Timothy Gauger argues an attempt to continue the case violates the separation of powers in state government.  Gauger writes that extending the mandate would allow the court to overstep its power, instead of letting the Legislature decide what to do.

This Friday is the deadline for the state to address funding shortfalls for the state's 450,000-student school system.  A filing by a handful of districts this month asked the court to extend the date, saying more needed to be done.

Legislators met in an April special session to work on public education issues.

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