No Mess, No Allergies, Real Trees- Really!

November 29, 2006 -- Posted at 9:30 a.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -- Many people won't get a real tree for Christmas because of the mess they leave behind, and allergies. This year, there's a solution. The Christmas Tree Plantation, on Harrisburg Rd. sells three varities of trees.

"We have Virginia Pine, Carolina Saphire, and Leland Cypress. But the best thing this year is we are selling live potted trees."

There are many advantages to having a potted Christmas tree. They don't dry out as fast, there isn't a mess left behind, and an added bonus, you can plant them after Christmas. And if you have an allergy problem, the Leland Cypress is non-allergenic, so it helps for people with thsoe problems."

Rocky Clements, has owned the tree plantation since '92 and says the farm had been growing trees for a long time before they bought it.

"This was one of the first Christmas Tree Farms in the South. Many people don't use real trees in the South because the ones they get are either really messy or they've been cut and shipped down...which of course they are going to dry up before Christmas. But the few farms that are around are coming up with different varities of trees that are better for this area."

The Christmas Tree Plantation is the home to many trees, but over the years they have added a few things. They have fresh garland, home-made wreaths, and everyone's favorite the Christmas Store.

"The kids love it! They get hot chocolate, popcorn, there's a nice warm's more popular than the trees sometimes!"

If you want to find the tree farm, just take Stadium out towards Poinsett County, take a left on Harrisburg Rd. Go about 3 miles and there's a big Red sign that says Christmas Tree Plantation, and turn right.