Poinsett County Museum Spotlight

November 29, 2006-- Posted at 11:00 pm

LEPANTO, AR-- As a part of our week long look at Poinsett County, we visited a museum in Lepanto.

The building is rich in Poinsett County history and contains remnants of all walks of life.

It is a county museum that was put together after numerous fund raisers and the hard work of many volunteers.

We spoke with two of those volunteers today who say that this particular place is a landmark for all of Poinsett County.

Mack Howington and H.C. Bradford know Poinsett County.

They grew up in Lepanto and have spent their time building a family in what they say is one of the greatest counties in the country.

One so great... they decided to put it's history on display.

"I think it's great. I call it Lepanto's attic. It's just like... you know, it's got all this old stuff in it. Like if you walked up in somebody's attic that lived here for years and years. It's just full of old stuff," museum volunteer Mack Howington says.

This "old stuff" lines the walls of a building that has stood since 1915... It was donated for the use of a museum... now, a historical site for all of Poinsett County.

When these artifacts came in, the building was bare. Today, it's restored.

"I think where in the world did we get all this? Because when we first walked in that door it was just a blank building. It was just a cruddy mess," museum volunteer H.C. Bradford says.

"Now, we've got a wonderful exhibit on practically any subject," Bradford says.

There's an array of things... an old store, a blacksmith shop, a switchboard, a Native American room, a photography room, a military exhibit, even old school memorabilia. If this county lived it, they can revisit it right in this room.

"The museum's kind of a anchoring place for a lot of events that they want to have. The kids come and a lot of students... We have now a lot of visitors from other schools that come now that we've got a little reputation," Bradford says.

For the dozens of volunteers that watched this history come to life, it's a reminder of just how full of life Poinsett County really is.

A place that started with nothing and created something that will live on through the years.

"I think it's just one of the centers that shows what people have done from the very beginning. Because when they came in here there was nothing," Bradford says.