More FAQs from Larry Haney

Can you repair rotten wood or termite damage?
AA Quality Painting & Pressure Washing LLC does not replace rotten wood, termite damage, or any other structural damage. We do have licensed carpenters available who can perform any necessary repairs, with proven craftsmanship that reflects the type of quality standards our company is known for. We would be more than happy to give you a referral to them to handle any items that may need addressed prior to painting.

Can you repair holes in drywall or plaster and fix water stains?
Positively! We can replace and repair any drywall areas that may require attention. However, if water damage is involved we recommend that the source of the problem be resolved prior to replacing or repairing any of the damaged areas. We can also patch plaster walls and even match many classic textures done in plaster for an absolutely seamless repair. Please review our complete remodeling services online.

With water comes mold. What do you do about mold?
For exteriors, we will pressure wash with solutions that will kill the mold that is present, and remove with scrubbing as necessary. Mold inside the home can be a sign of a larger moisture problem and efforts should be made to find the source of the problem to correct it. Fans in laundry and bath areas help reduce the possibility of mold. We will properly clean, prime, and paint the affected area with a mildew-ide paint. Paints with mildew-ides are not a guarantee that mold won't reappear, but they do offer some help in prevention.

What color should I paint a given area of my house?
Color selection can make a big difference in the way people feel about any room in your house or on the exterior of your home it can make a big difference in not only how nice the wholeDoes your company have the necessary licensing? Yes, most definitely! Larry Haney Painting & Pressure Washing LLC is a licensed, legal entity within the state of Arkansas. It's vital for you to choose a reputable, professional, and experienced painting company that utilizes on-going training to stay one step ahead, such as we do. We advise everyone to ask for referrals and proper insurance coverage.

Does your company carry the necessary insurance coverage?
Yes, most definitely! Larry Haney Painting & Pressure Washing LLC carries all the necessary insurance coverage for your peace of mind. We always supply each of our customers with a full copy of our insurance coverage as a standard practice delivered right along with our proposal. Hiring a painting contractor without the proper licensing and insurance does nothing more than put YOU, the customer, at risk. Don't put yourself at risk by hiring anyone without the proper coverage's. Proof of insurance is something a customer shouldn't even have to ask for, that goes without saying in our book. Request an estimate today, and we will gladly provide you a copy of our coverage with your proposal!

How soon can I get you to start on MY job?
All of our work is scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Once we receive a deposit for your project we put you next in line on our schedule behind our current jobs. You will be notified how long our backlog of work is at the same time you pay your deposit. We will keep you up to date on any scheduling issues by e-mail or by phone. Due to high demand the sooner we receive your deposit, the sooner we can start your project for you.

How often should I paint the exterior of my home, and why?
Many things effect how often you will paint your home. Some dark colors are more effected by sun exposure and may need recoating more often than lighter colors. Some areas of your home receive more exposure to sunlight and the elements than the rest of your home. The length of time between paint jobs is also affected by the amount of preparation put into the previous coating. Things such as trees, clinging vines, and sap can also cause you to have to paint more often. The easiest way to know if it's time to paint is if you have any cracking, peeling, flaking, or blistering paint. Then again, some people may choose to paint simply to change the appearance of their home. Proper preparation absorbs the majority of the time and cost associated with painting the exterior of any building, so the sooner you catch any problem areas, the less it will cost you overall. If it only takes one day to scrape paint as opposed to three days it will obviously effect the price of the job. Paint is meant to be a protective coating. One of it's main purposes is protecting your home from the elements. Once that is compromised even more costly damage to the substrate can occur. Everything from metal and wood, to concrete and stucco will last longer and hold up better to the elements when properly painted. If you like, we can also help to maintain your property once we paint it by pressure washing and doing routine touch ups to heavily exposed or weathered areas every six months or once a year as needed.

I am getting a few bids before starting work on my home. Why is there so much variation in pricing?
As long as all of your estimates come from reputable, licensed, and insured contractors there are only a couple factors that could contribute to the difference in pricing. Attention to detail during preparation is one of them. All of the steps from the prep process are covered up once your home is painted, and this is where many people take shortcuts in order to complete the work in less time, charging a lower price. The preparation makes or breaks the whole job. This is why it's critical that your receive a well written, detailed explanation of what each paint contractor proposes to do. You need to be sure the proposed scope of work is the same from each contractor in order to compare apples to apples. Some may also use less expensive, often inferior products to keep their prices below the competition. Make sure each contractor outlines what products they are specifying to use on your property. Larry HaneyPainting & Pressure Washing LLC does not take any shortcuts on anything from preparation to the final coat. We have strict painting processes in place that are adhered to on absolutely every project, and outlined in each of our proposals. By doing so, not only are we able to ensure the most thorough job and consistency throughout our work, but it also allows us to offer a 5 year labor warranty on the quality of our workmanship, which is double what most of our competition offers. When it comes to paints, stains, primers, etc. most manufacturers make a great product. We use only top of the line paints for our customers projects because our name depends so heavily on the products we use. We will determine which products are best for your particular application based on your specific needs because we know from hands on, real world experience what will look the best, lasts the longest, and fulfill your desires.
 property looks, but it can also make a big difference in the value of the property. A beautifully finished exterior paint job even makes you feel good when you pull in the driveway. For the interior, colors should not only compliment your furnishings and your unique tastes, but should also help provide the right kind of mood and atmosphere you want for your home. For the exterior be sure to choose paint colors that fit with the architecture and design of the home. You wouldn't want your colonial style home to look like an amusement park funhouse! Very bright, loud, and very dark colors (which tend to fade most) should be used sparingly for trim and accents to achieve the best look. With our expert eye we can help you to wade through the thousands of color choices available today and can custom computer match any color you like with ease. Please feel free to view Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer, by clicking below:
Will you paint or remove our popcorn ceiling for us?
Popcorn ceilings can often times be painted to improve their look. Age and condition play a major part in whether or not they can be painted safely. In some cases popcorn ceilings have been known to literally fall down in sheets when painted. The problem lies in the makeup of the popcorn texture itself, not in the paint, or the painting process. Popcorn ceiling textures are made with a chalk based substance that is very lightweight. The problem is that the chalk does not adhere to the substrate as strong as the muds or compounds used in other popular ceiling textures and once moistened significantly like paint does they can fail and lose adhesion. Often times by testing adhesion with a wet sponge it is possible to determine whether painting it is a good idea or not. If it's possible to paint, it will allow you a chance to get more life out of it.
AA Quality Painting & Pressure Washing LLC will always do our best to determine if a popcorn ceiling can be painted, but due to it's very nature this is one process we, unfortunately can not offer any guarantees for. We do offer the option of removal of popcorn to allow for a smooth, painted surface if you prefer, which we most definitely will guarantee!

Will you spray, brush, or roll the paint?
The methods we use to apply paint vary greatly from project to project. Many things are taken into consideration when deciding what method of application is best for each paint job. For example, a very large two or three story exterior may not be economically sound to brush and roll completely by hand and spraying may be necessary, but some areas spraying may not be possible at all. On a much smaller scale a sprayer can often take more time to setup and clean up than it's worth for the whole project. However, in some particular applications you may want a smooth as glass finish that only a sprayer can accomplish. Most often the tool of choice for professionals is the good old fashioned brush and roller. Even when spraying a surface the paint must usually be rolled to ensure proper coverage. We will choose the best method of painting for your particular application based on these and many other variables to ensure a beautiful outcome.