Stocking Up in Preparation for Winter Storm

November 30, 2006 -- Posted at 6:41 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Just in case the winter precipitation provided by Mother Nature hits hard, residents in Region 8 are stocking up on provisions.

Temperatures are falling and as people get off work they will be heading to local grocery stores to do grab some last minute items.

"We sell a lot of bread, milk, eggs, and frozen dinners," said Jonathan Gates, Assistant Manager at Bill's Freshmarket.

Early in the day, a few shoppers were beating the crowds picking up the necessities for a cold winters day.

"My mom said that there's going to be ice and the weather's going to be really bad and we'll be stuck in the house for a couple of days so we're just getting comfort foods.  We're making cornbread and chili, you know, stuff that will be good tomorrow too," said shopper Heather Scaloia.

Scaloia is from Vermont where cold weather is common, but said this will be her first time dealing with ice.

"I was hoping to get away from it.  It was 68 degrees when I got up this morning, so I wasn't really prepared to go grocery shopping to be stuck in a house for a couple days," said Scaloia.

"Panic shopping" is common when a winter storm is predicted, especially when it's the first storm of the season

"I do 'panic shop'.  I don't like to get out.  I don't like driving in the rain and I don't like driving in the ice.  I don't think driving in the snow would be too bad, but we don't get snow... we get ice," said shopper Kimberley Meredith.

The store shelves at Bill's Freshmarket started to thin early in the day, but don't worry, grocery stores around Region 8 will work to keep their shelves stocked and ready.