Stay Prepared for a Risky Ride

NOVEMBER 30, 2006 -- POSTED AT 11:45 P.M. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- As we know, driving on roads covered in ice or snow can be a risky ride, but there are ways for you and your vehicle to be prepared.

"First you want to make sure you have a good battery that way you're not stranded anywhere," says Wesley Moon, the Manager of Smith's Tire & Auto in Jonesboro.

And while you're under the hood, he says having De-Icer in your wiper fluid is always a plus. Also, consider buying an antifreeze tester at any local parts store to check your temp levels.

"What you want to do is test your antifreeze and you do that by simply drawing antifreeze up in the tube and on the side you can read it and it shows how many of the floaters float and it will give you the actual temperature that you're good to so your water won't freeze," says Moon.

And he says you can't forget about your tires.

"You need proper air pressure in your tires. That's pretty important because if your temperature drops, then your tire pressure drops and you'll have less traction on the road," says Moon.

But what about the inside of your car? Shawn Morgan with AutoZone says there are certain things everyone should keep inside your vehicle for the winter season.

"A survival kit is a good idea especially when bad weather is coming on us. Definitely an ice scraper, a pair of gloves, maybe some hand towels, definitely a blanket if you have to wait on a wrecker to come help you out of a ditch or anything like that, change a flat tire," says Shawn Morgan.

Whatever the weather brings this winter season, make sure you're geared up and ready to go.