Questions Surround Death of ASU Student

December 1, 2006 -- Posted at 5:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- The death of an Arkansas State University student causes concern on the campus.  Now, with the threat of a lawsuit from the students' parents, the university is taking steps to make sure other students are safe.

Corey Rodgers died on November 19th of pneumonia.  His family believes the cause of his illness may be toxic mold inside his dormitory room.

Around campus, students voiced their concern for their own safety.

"I heard from a couple friends that a student died over Thanksgiving break and he died from pneumonia, but then when they opened up his vent it was full of mold," said student Niki Harris.

"Our shower head and everything like that just has black stuff on it.  If the shower curtain can get you sick I would hate to see what else can make you sick," said student Charles Smith.

The family of the 19-year-old-student is considering legal action against the university because they say their son died from toxic mold that they believe is in Kays Hall.

Arkansas State University has released a statement about the serious accusation:

"University officials from the Residence Life Office, Facilities Management, and Environmental Health and Safety have examined the student's room, but thus have found no indication of any health hazard.  Also, the Student Health Center has reported no unusual patterns in student illnesses."

K8 news spoke with the family's attorney Jimmie Williams who said the family is mourning their son, and wants to know for sure what contributed to the death.

"There seems to be some medical information that led to the conclusion and some medical treatment of this child that would tend to support that conclusion," said Williams.

But attorney Williams would not go into details about that medical information, he said for now, the family is primarily interested in the safety of the other students living in the all-freshmen Kays Hall.

ASU has brought in an independent analyst to inspect the student's room and dorm for any signs of toxic mold.  Those results should be back in the next week.

For more information about what toxic mold is or symptoms of it, go to: