Region 8 Hunters Take Aim During 4th Annual NEA Clinic Charitable Foundation Duck Classic

December 1, 2006 - Posted at 6:12 p.m. CST

SENEATH, MO -- Early morning and cold weather... the combination might put off some people, but conditions were perfect for a number of Region 8 hunters who took to duck blinds this morning for the 4th Annual NEA Clinic Charitable Foundation Duck Classic.

It's the sounds of the season! Hunters from across Region 8 rose early and braved the cold and as always there were some hits...

"We wore out some ducks today here along the St. Francis River," said hunter Peter Harmon.

And some misses....

"The shooting was good except for Bob's.  He just puts one shell in his gun and one-bullet Barney doesn't go very far," said hunter Reg Saffell.

While K-8's one-shell Bob Snell wasn't on target, it was a good time with some good food.

"This is the Peabody hotel of duck blinds," laughed Snell.

"The camaraderie is good you get some buddies that hunt together and you get some time to mess around with each other and cut up and shoot some ducks," said Harmon.

The event raises money for the NEA Charitable Foundation and wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the generous donations of landowners and hunters here in Region 8.

"The landowners they take you to some of the finest blinds in the area and it all goes to a good cause," said Saffell.

"We have done this for four years and we have met great people every year, killed a lot of ducks every year, it's a great cause for everybody," said host Matt Whitlock.

Last year the event raised over $180,000 and this year they are expecting even more. The reason that there is so much success with this event is that it raises money for a good cause and brings hunters together.

"It just tells you that there is more to it than just a bunch of guys going out with their guns and dogs and going out and shooting. There's big hearts in this area and they really work to take care of people in this area," said Saffell.

"Hunting is my passion and bringing people out here for a good cause just makes it that much better," said Whitlock.

Friday's event was also a hunting competition. This year's first place team was Focus Bank led by duck blind owner Freddie Chandler. Second place team was 'Whose Your Daddy?' led by Charles Hammertime Snapp and third place went to Thomas and Betts led by Matt Callahan.