Tyronza Expanding City Limits

DECEMBER 4, 2006 -- POSTED AT 9:30 P.M. CST

TYRONZA, AR -- The rural town of Tyronza has big changes in store. The future Interstate 555 is being built right through their town and because of the added traffic residents saw the need for expansion.

In the November election, Tyronza voters made a decision to expand their city limits. Along Highway 118, approximately 350 feet of land on both sides of the highway spreading about a quarter of a mile will be added, along with land surrounding the Highway 135 overpass.  It was approved by a majority vote and Tyronza Mayor Marion Bearden says it was a smart choice for the future.

"If you'll look up and down the interstate, anytime you have an exchange, you have the potential for businesses to want to come in," says Mayor Bearden.

Mayor Bearden says Tyronza residents saw that potential and decided to lay the groundwork for prospective economic growth in their city.

"It may be down the road. The farmers still have the land and they will continue to farm it until an interested party comes in. But it gave us the opportunity to feel like we could go out and help draw and market this area," says Mayor Bearden.

But with the city limits expanding, some motorists are wondering if the speed trap will expand with it. Mayor Bearden says their officers will be patrolling the added area, but she says it's not to just write more tickets.

"Our officers are out there to help and if you're obeying the speed laws, you're definitely not going to have any problems with our officers. Contrary to what everyone believes, Tyronza is not a speed trap," says Bearden.

She added the people are excited about the added development potential that will now be part of the City of Tyronza, keeping any added sales tax dollars inside their community.

"Economically I think it's really going to help," says Bearden.

The annexation of the land has already been recorded with Arkansas' Secretary of State and is currently in effect. As for when the speed zone will extend in the area, Mayor Bearden says that will be up to the state highway department.