From The Mailbag

We've heard from many of you over the past few weeks about a variety of topics and we'd like to share a few of those comments...

Gene Davis of Batesville is fed up with finger pointing in commercials and on our commentaries... Gene asks, "Do you have any idea how offensive it is to point ones finger towards another person? Are you aware that in some places it is considered "communicating a threat"?

Gene finishes his letter by saying, "If I am the only complainant on this subject, then the world is surely going down fast!"

I can't take credit for starting the finger pointing pandemic. Uncle Sam gets credit when he first said "I Want You" during World War One.

And even though you were the only person to complain, I don't think the world is going down fast because of finger pointing. There are, however, some bigger issues that are causing major problems throughout the world.

But Gene, I'm going to take your advice... no more finger pointing... going forward I will just use the bent finger move - primarily used by our political leaders - when I need to make a point.

Heather Schultz from Cherokee Village appreciated the support for the proposed constitutional amendment number 1 which appeared on the November ballot. She says, "I belonged to a wonderful non-profit group and when we lost Bingo we lost money for Christmas baskets for the needy, scholarship money and money for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts."

It was obvious the majority of Arkansas voters agreed with you, Heather. Once the state legislature works out the details of the new law your group can get back to helping those in need. Bingo!

Tena Furnish of Blytheville wrote in regarding the Ted Haggard controversy. "I am sorry this scandal happened, both for Ted Haggard and his family personally and for the members of his church."

She goes on to say... "Ted Haggard is not my leader. Neither is James Dobson, Chuck Colson, or any other recognizable person in the religious community. I may read their books. I may enjoy listening to them speak. But they are not deity, and should not be treated as such. Jesus Christ is my leader. I answer to Him, pray to Him, and live my life according to His teachings.

The Evangelical Christian community will survive because we believe in a great God, not in great men."

Well said, Tena... well said.