Trumann Mayoral Race Finally Settled

December 8, 2006 -- Posted at 6:34 p.m. CST

HARRISBURG, AR -- The city of Trumann has a new mayor.  Three remaining votes from overseas took the vote from a three point difference to a tie.

The new mayor is Sheila Walters, who says her victory will mean big things for Trumann.

"This whole election has been something that's been bigger than me, bigger than Ronnie, bigger than anything.  This election, I put it in Gods hands," said Walters.

Until Friday there was a three vote difference between Walters and incumbent Ronnie Harrison in the November 28th run-off.

The reason for the delay is three absentee ballots from overseas.  Friday afternoon those votes were opened.

When the vote resulted in a tie, the two candidates decided to draw the winner out of  a box.

New Mayor Sheila Walters said she has a lot of plans for the city of Trumann.

"Our town is in tremendous need of change.  We need to have a character change, we need to have a people change and that's what this election is about," said Walters.

She said the first thing she will do is look over the budget to see where the city is before she knows exactly what she can accomplish.

"I'm very thrilled that the citizens have decided they want a change.  I will work extremely hard to do a good job," said Walters.

Incumbent Ronnie Harrison declined to comment saying he will not contest the results of the election.