The Future of Farming - FFA students hear Loos Tales

December 11, 2006 - Posted at 4:15 p.m. CST

Dunklin Co., MO -- Area FFA students learned some lessons on farming today through speeches called Loos Tales.

Trent Loos, an American Farmer, travels throughout the nation speaking on the importance of traditional farm family values and the changes in the agricultural industry. The students say they understand the need to raise awareness about farming values and agriculture because farming isn't just what it used to be.

"People are getting out of farming because there's just no money in it. Like people are selling their cattle to pay for hay, but what happens then? There's just no money in it."

Katie Blevins, an FFA officer at Marmaduke High School, says it's up to the FFA students and the younger generation to get farming back on track.

"I know we have some great young leaders listening in there today and I know that they will take what they hear today and use it in the real world."

Casey Wright, a FFA student from Campbell High School, tells us his family has been in farming for 4 generations and he knows that without him and his brother to keep it going, it could be a dying occupation.

"It's fun, it's really a hobby to me, but it's hard work that I know in the end will pay off. But I'm going to college to get a Crop Science Degree before I get into it. I think we should have educated farmers who can pass along the traditional farming family values."

The students say they learned some valuable lessons that they will use in the future.

"The future of farming is what these kids make of it. I'm just here to pass along what I've learned through the years and let them make their decisions."

If you would like more information about Loos Tales and Trent Loos, log onto his website