Boy Brings Loaded Gun to Jonesboro School

December 12, 2006 Posted at 5:00 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -- A 15 year-old boy was arrested Monday for bringing a loaded gun to Douglas MacArthur Jr. High School.

Principal Brad Faught said the boy had the gun in his pocket and took it out to show two other students. He then told them if they told anyone he had the gun, he would shoot them.

"At approximately 10:50 a.m. while Officer Johnston and I were in the lunchroom, where we had lunch duty, a student came up to Officer Johnston and notified her that another student had a gun on campus. That student then pointed out the boy with the gun."

Officer Johnston decided not to cause any comotion, walked over to the boy and told him to take his hands out of his pockets and go to the office. Within 3 minutes the gun was confiscated and the boy was arrested.

"The students have a good relationship with the SRO and I think that's what helped in this situation. The students felt they could tell Officer Johnston about the incident and knew they would be safe."

Amy Ezell, a parent that has children in the Jonesboro Public Schools, stated that these incidents can happen, but it doesn't make her scared to send her kids to school.

"We love Jonesboro Public Schools, we know our kids are safe when they go to school, if I didn't think so I wouldn't send them there everyday. The Student Resource Officers are important to our children because they build relationships and friendships and the children know they can talk to the officers."

Amy Ezell is concerned though because the mileage increase was turned down last year for JPS. One of the cut backs is through student resource officers.

"I think we need to have them full time in every school. The children's safety should be our top priority and I know the kids really respect SRO's and the relationships that they have together."

Principal Faught said they are making no cuts of SRO's at the Junior High or Senior High Level, and all MacArthur SRO's are staying.