A Region 8 Good Neighbor

A Region 8 man is spreading the holiday cheer his own way this year.  Robert Lightfoot, a member of the Harrisburg Masonic Lodge, says every year his organization gives out Christmas baskets to those in need.  But after meeting a Trumann man, he decided that gift baskets just wouldn't be enough.

"When I saw what the inside of his home looked like and what the kids did not have, I took it upon myself and made up my mind to help this family," said Lightfoot.  The family he was referring to was that of David Brigman.

Brigman moved to Trumann two months ago with his four children.  He has throat cancer and his oldest daughter is undergoing testing for a possible tumor.  Brigman says as a single parent he's doing all he can to support him and his kids.

"My kids have to come first.  They're all I've got right now, and I'm all they've got.  If I don't take care of them, nobody else will," remarked Brigman who says this past Friday he lost his job after having to take his son to the hospital.  Now he's left trying to hold together his family with no money, and the help from a few good people.

Brigman and Lightfoot met last week when Lightfoot needed some work done on his pickup truck.  After they met and Brigman began work on the truck, Lightfoot says he realized he needed to help this struggling family.  It was then that he sent out flyers and talked on local radio, and within a few days had donations pouring in from across Region 8.

Today Lightfoot made the first delivery of items to Brigmans home.  He tells K8 News that they've collected everything from furniture and appliances, to toys and clothes for Brigman and his kids.  Brigman says, "You can't really say it in a couple of words, but thank you would be the biggest words...really...thank you."

If you would like to make donations you can do so at the following address:

Robert Lightfoot

In Care of:  Needy Family

P.O. Box 134

Harrisburg, AR  72423

     You may also call Mr. Lightfoot for more information at 870-588-4792.