Robbery Thwarted, Suspects Caught

December 14, 2006 -- Posted at 4:16 p.m. CST

Bono, AR -- Two men, suspected of robbing a home in rural Craighead County, are now behind bars.

43-year-old Steven Mcquay and 34-year-old Kenneth Sutton are accused of forcefully breaking into a home.

"We received a call from a person off of County Road 360 who saw two male subjects breaking into a house," said Craighead County Investigator Gary Etter.

The call came from someone who had been pulling into the driveway of the home who contacted authorities giving them specific details about the get away vehicle.

"They were driving a red Blazer with damage to the left drivers' door and a white sticker on the back of it," said Etter.

The suspects were caught within twenty minutes of the first phone call.  The two were apprehended on County Road 766 by officers, thanks to the person who just happened be at the right place at the right time.

Sheriffs' deputies confirm that some of the items taken from the residence were in the suspects' vehicle, however, some of the items were thrown onto the ground on County Road 304.

"We know that there was some clothing and some weapons," said Etter.

This isn't the first time for either of the suspects to have legal problems.  One of the men had just gotten out of prison, this was to be his first Christmas home in 13 years.

Many Region 8 residents live in rural areas and because of that could be more susceptible to thefts.  What can we do to protect ourselves and our belongings?

"Make sure your doors locked.  If you have a neighbor and they're home have them keep an eye on your residence," said Etter.

A probable cause hearing for the two men will be held Friday at 1 o'clock.