Jimmy Ashley Resigns from Jonesboro City Council

DECEMBER 14, 2006 - Posted at 4:44 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR - Alderman Jimmy Ashley has resigned from the Jonesboro City Council, effective at the end of the year.  Ashley cited medical reasons as his reason for resigning.

In a brief statement e-mailed to City Clerk Donna Jackson, Ashley wrote "I am sending this to notify you that I am resigning from the City Council due to medical complications.  I am not able to serve in the capacity that the voters would like at this time.  My resignation will be effective December 31 of this year."

Ashley's resignation comes in the wake of a strange series of events that he was involved with in late October in which he claimed he was "drugged" at a Gee Street motel.  The Ward 6 alderman told police his drink had been spiked as his car was stolen at the time.

Ashley, who is confined to a wheelchair, is mid-way through his first four-year term on the City Council, but has not attended a Council meeting since the October 29 incident at the Home Sweet Home motel.

Ashley has not returned any calls from K8 News since the incident, including those made today.

(K8 Anchor/Reporter Craig Rickert contributed to this report.)