Offbeat: Christmas Tree Lady

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For most of her childhood years, Vera Davis didn't have a Christmas tree, because her family just didn't have the money. Vera promised herself that when she had kids, she would always have a tree.  Some might say she's kept that promise and then some.  This year, Vera's house has 26 hand decorated trees.

"I just love Christmas and the beauty of Christmas trees," said Vera.  Each one of those trees has a different theme and this year's big family tree is an angel tree with 1,800 lights.  Some of the other trees include an Avon tree, a sports tree, a cookie tree, a tree for their dog, Shadow, a music tree, a silver tree, a cross tree, and a cotton tree.

"I'm a cotton farmer's daughter and just saw how beautiful the cotton was this year and decided I'd make a cotton tree," said Davis.  "It took me 4 days to clean up the cotton bolls to be able to put them on the tree."  It's a green tree with cotton bolls, red balls, and lights.

All of the Davis trees are artificial, because Vera's husband is allergic to real Christmas trees.  Vera's he won't help with the fake ones either, but he does hand make many of the wooden ornaments with a scroll saw.

"I usually start putting of the trees the day after Halloween and I finish just before Thanksgiving," said Davis.  "It takes a lot of work, but it's all worth it when I'm finished.  I just want people to love Christmas as much as I do.  You can't get enough Christmas, as long as you remember that it's all about Christ, then you can't get enough Christmas."