Paragould Family Gets Unexpected House Call

December 18, 2006 -- Posted at 6:00 p.m. CST

PARAGOULD--Friday night a Paragould family got more than an unexpected guest.  "I was sitting here watching the tv, and the next thing I  see was the door.  I just ducked and everything went black," said Damon Hyde.  He's talking about the moment a truck full of high school kids barrelled through his front door, taking with it the living room, dining room, kitchen, and pretty much everything in sight.  "When I set up off my couch I saw a couple of girls walking through my living room.  It kinda numbed me and I didn't know what to think," stated Hyde.  "They said we have to help this guy in the truck.  I said, what truck?  They said, the one that went through your house.  About that time I started looking around and though, my God, what happened?"

Those thoughts would soon come clear as he realized his house now had a huge hole all the way through it.  Hyde's father said, "the front of the hous was gone.  It looked like you were looking through a tunnel.  It looked like hurricane Katrina went through there."

Preliminary estimates say the cost of the damage to the house could cost somewhere between 30 and 50-thousand dollars.  Hyde says right now they have to get the plumbing fixed because of the winter months coming on, and get all of the hot electrical wiring turned off.  To top it all off, he's missing a few walls and the whole kitchen is in the back yard.

K8 was told the driver of the truck had suffered a seizure just seconds before the truck ran through the house.  But some are skeptical.  "The truck had to be going at an excessive amount of speed to go all the way through the house and do all of that," remarked Hyde's father.

But no matter what the cause of the accident, the Hyde family says they are thankful the price was not higher.  "I thank God that my grandsons weren't here.  One was at a birthday party, and the other was spending the night with us.  Had they been home there's no telling what may have happened."

Damon Hyde says, when it comes down to it..."this is one house, one family, and it can be fixed."

Encouraging words from someone who was just struck, with not the best of luck.

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