Region 8 Inventor Hopes to Save Money at the Pump

December 19, 2004 -- Posted at 5:15 p.m. CST

POCAHONTAS - Mike Haynes says he has the answer that could lead to less gas consumption by motor vehicles.  He calls his invention "The Atomizer."  It's a device put in a car that is supposed to cut down on wasted fuel and give cleaner emissions.

"It sprays gasoline in the chamber...from there it breaks down into finer molecules and no liquid gasoline goes into the engine," says Haynes.  He says this is key, because it's only atomized gas that is actually burned in the combustion chamber.  He says by keeping liquid fuel out of the chamber it will be more eficient.  "This concept will be a step forward for improving our fuel economy."

We talked to someone who had test driven the idea and he tells K8 that it improved performance of the car and increased torque and horsepower.  But the best part is at the pump.  "The gas hand hasn't moved in a week, and it's been driven almost every day."

However, Haynes tells us that not only does his "Atomizer" keep you running longer, but it's also more fuel efficient.  "If you're burning everything that's introduced to the combustion chamber, then there's no emissions.  Zero or very minimal," said Haynes.

He also tells us that with some modifications the "Atomizer" should be able to be put on any car.  While it is not currently available to the public, Haynes says he hopes after he gets his patent later next year, that he can take steps into having his invention mass produced so that everyone can benefit from his work.