ABC Board Says Yes To Brickhouse, Inc. In Downtown Jonesboro

December 20, 2006 -- Posted at 7:30 p.m. CST

Little Rock, AR -- It was a victory for Brickhouse owner Dan Johnson Wednesday and some may even argue for the revitalization of downtown Jonesboro.

"I think the area has a ton of potential.  I really think it's going to be wonderful, " said Johnson.

With an anticipated opening date of January 31st, Johnson says his restaurant will offer another choice for patrons and allow him to compete with other downtown restaurants.

The Brickhouse will also add another change to the face of Jonesboro's downtown district.

"It's going to offer great entertainment, great food and I am really looking forward to it," said Johnson.

Johnson's enthusiasm for his new restaurant was met with opposition Wednesday at the Alcohol Beverage Control Board meeting in Little Rock.

Opposition to alcohol in Craighead County is a battle Friendly Hope Baptist Church pastor Steve Jacobson and numerous others are used to fighting.

"The downtown area in Jonesboro is as well served as anywhere in Craighead County.  Three private clubs operating within a two block radius seems to me to be adequately served," said Jacobson.

Jacobson's fear now is that the downtown area, in particular, is becoming too saturated with alcohol.

"That is one reason they turned down El Chico's restaurant.  Now, we have 4 private clubs operating within a 2 block radius.  I think that area is more than adequately served.

For Johnson and his restaurant, described as American cuisine with a New Orleans flare, it's potentially another alcohol serving addition to an ever evolving downtown district.