OES Director Hands Over Duties

December 21, 2006 -- Posted at 2:45 p.m.

Harrisburg, AR -- Poinsett County Office of Emergency Services director Merle Williams offers a few pieces of last minute advice to his predecessor Marvin Krauss.

Williams is handing over his job duties to Krauss after almost seven years of service to Poinsett County.

"I  said no, no, no.  I don't want that and I don't need a job, I'm retired.  After talking for a while,  Judge Kraft convinced me that it was a good job to take and that I should take it and I did," said Williams.

What was described to Williams as a little task, turned out to be much more.

Whether it was flooded roads or frozen roads, he met each challenge head on.

"My primary job as coordinator is to provide resources through either state or the federal government depending on the seriousness of the incident. I also have to coordinate with and within the departments here in the county," said Williams.

Krauss says he's up to that challenge, knowing that organization in his new position is key, but he also admits he has big shoes to fill.

"He goes down to the seconds in his planning, you know he is just fabulous. He's such a likeable guy, he loves jokes, he's done very very well and he's very easy to work with," said Krauss.

For Williams this is the end to another chapter written in the book of life and the beginning to another.

This time, he's leaving business behind.

"I have in store some snow skiing, a trip to the Caribbean, another trip to Europe and some surfing in Hawaii," said Williams.

For Krauss it's a new chapter, with a new job and a new challenge with each new day.

"I'm really enjoying this," laughed Krauss.