Authorities Investigate "Suspicious Death"

December 21, 2006 - Posted at 6:25 p.m. CST

KENNETT, MO -- The Dunklin County major case squad is awaiting autopsy and toxicology reports on the body of a 45-year-old Kathleen Foley, which was discovered in an abandoned home in Kennett Wednesday. Right now authorities will only refer to this incident as a "suspicious death."

But Foley's partially nude body had sustained recent injuries...and blood and other evidence at the scene is causing the officers to suspect foul play. It may take weeks, but autopsy and toxicology results could hold the answers the Kennett Police Department are looking for.

"Apparently the victim had a rough life and again, until the autopsy comes back, there's little information to release as far as the cause of death or anything," said Lt. Detective Tim Trowbridge.

Police were originally on Vandeventer Street Wednesday afternoon for a different call and once they were here that's when they noticed a woman standing in this front yard, yelling for help.

According to police, friends discovered her body.

"Apparently they're the ones that hadn't seen Kathleen for a couple of days and went over there to check on her basically. That's when they went to the window, thought they saw her lying in the floor and they forced the door open and discovered her body," said Trowbridge.

Kennett housing authorities condemned the property Thursday and the Dunklin County Major Case Squad is continuing its investigation.

"Obviously the rumor mill starts up on something like this and that's something that we have to deal with everyday.  But we try to be open minded about it and we will look at every possible avenue and the main thing is that once we get the results back from the autopsy.  At that point our investigation can move forward," said Trowbridge.