The Mall Crowd Grows as Christmas Nears

December 21, 2006-- Posted at 10:30 pm

JONESBORO-- If you've been out, you've most likely noticed the large volume of traffic.

If you're wondering where everyone is headed... K-8 news has the answer.

It has something to do with last minute shopping, and it seems the Mall at Turtle Creek is the place to be.

The clock is ticking for last minute shoppers as Christmas quickly approaches... and the volume of shoppers is so large it's nearly unpredictable.

"It's in the thousands. I don't have a real specific number but it's a lot," Target Manager William Hawkins says.

When developers launched the Mall at Turtle Creek they believed in the theory... We will build it they will come... And shoppers are flooding through the doors just as they suspected.

"We've been very, very busy in the store and also in the mall. Everybody's trying to get those last minute gifts. Of course the gaming systems... all the toys are hot now. There are no specific toys. Every toy is hot. Everything in electronics is hot, all music, movies... it's all hot," Hawkins says.

No matter what shoppers are purchasing, it can only mean an economic boost for Jonesboro economy. The Mall at Turtle Creek is marketing tool that provides products and services to customers beyond the Northeast Arkansas borders.

"Especially those that live closest to the river the Mississippi River. It's a little bit easier to come here. It's not as congested obviously to come up to this store. We're able to provide a great shopping experience even for those people in Memphis," Hawkins says.

Managers expect an even larger crowd on Friday as last minute shoppers continue to pick up those last minute gifts.

As each item comes off shelf, it's just another reminder of the genius of the Mall at Turtle Creek and the large volume of people it draws to the area.